How to be a virtual ATC in VATJPN

Regardless of their nationality, VATSIM member who meets following requirements is able to get education and training to be a virtual ATC in VATJPN.

  1. VATJPN virtual ATCs have to belong to Asia Region / Japan Division.
  2. VATJPN virtual ATCs have to have enough Japanese language proficiency to
    • read VATJPN ATC documentations written in Japanese
    • coordinate to other local ATCs & pilots in Japanese
    • take practical and oral tests in Japanese

Why Japanese language capability is required?

There are two major reasons.

First, many of Japanese pilots don't have enough capability to talk in English. So although most of them can understand and use fixed ATC phraseology, but they often cannot understand complicated instructions in English, or they use Japanese language to request. This is not only in virtual world but in real Japanese world, so to simulate real local ATC, local language capability is required.

Second, all VATSIM virtual ATCs have responsibility to help beginner v-pilots. To do this in airspace over Japan, Japanese language is essential.

I can understand Japanese but don't belong to VATJPN.

Region / Division transfer is available, but it is not supported by VATJPN. Please visit VATSIM Membership department and ask them if you have any questions.

We strongly recommend that you consider you really want to be a virtual ATC of VATJPN, and your capability of Japanese language is enough to pass the rating tests before appling for Region / Division transfer. As to processes of training and tests, see the next.

Where can I find training documentations?

All documentations for virtual ATCs are on Controller Training Center, and the processes to be granted ATC ratings are here. Please note that all these documentations are provided only in Japanese, and there is no plan these to be transrated into English etc..